COVID Vaccine – Pregnancy

To our pregnant patients:

We look forward to the week of 3/15 when pregnant women in the state of VT will be eligible for COVID vaccinations. Pregnancy will be one of the conditions VT recognizes as a ‘high-risk’ category that makes women eligible to receive a vaccine ahead of their age based risk group.  Many pregnant health care workers have already received the COVID vaccine in our state and in the United States (>30,000) without experiencing any additional side effects than the typical seen for anyone.  Based on monitoring of these women, preliminary data show no adverse pregnancy outcomes.  More common side effects include injection site soreness, fever, nausea/vomiting, fatigue, body aches, and chills, all of which can be safely managed in pregnancy.  


The American College of Obstetricians (ACOG) recommends that pregnant women be offered the COVID vaccine, recognizing that under the emergency use approval of these vaccinations, no pregnant women were included in the trials.  While there are not decades of data on the COVID vaccinations, based on the science behind how these vaccines work, we believe them to be safe and effective.  The theoretical unknown risks of a vaccine must be balanced against the known worse outcomes pregnant women and their fetus’ face with COVID infection.


Currently, no vaccine is preferred over another for pregnant women.  If you are offered Moderna, Pfizer, or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, each is considered equally safe and effective.  You do not need to contact Maitri for our permission to receive a vaccine and the state will not require proof of pregnancy in order for you to receive one. If you prefer to discuss this with your ob/gyn provider, you can make a telemedicine or in person appointment to discuss with us.  Register for your vaccination at

Here are some links to data that we do have:

Maitri will support your decision to be or not to be vaccinated, recognizing that it is an individual decision.