Services Overview

Our practice was founded in 2002, and the services we offer have grown over the years. We strive to grow and to improve, adding new skills and techniques each year. We continue to provide comprehensive, holistic obstetric and gynecologic care.

We are honored and privileged to deliver more babies each year than any other practice in Chittenden County. We are perpetually amazed by the women we meet and the families who support them.

We offer annual gynecologic services for routine health care for women of any age. We also offer consults for gynecologic problems such as heavy or prolonged bleeding, pain with sex, cyclic pelvic pain, lack of bleeding, menopause symptoms, and abnormal pap smear care. We help tailor specific care plans to match with a patient’s needs and wants, offering an array of options and helping a woman decide what is best for her. As part of this we offer a spectrum of care ranging from low intervention medical management to more intermediate intervention such as minimally invasive surgery. The doctors in the practice perform their own ultrasounds so that visits can be comprehensive in understanding exactly what is causing the problem and finding the best solution for solving.