Integrative Medicine

Maitri is located in the Eastern View Integrative Health building.  We are surrounded by practitioners who offer our patient’s a wide variety of services that add to their care and well-being.

The practitioners in the building work collaboratively.  Our clients receive overall better care because of the additional services that they can receive in the building. We have easily accessible therapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupunturists, a masseuse, a lactation specialist, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a health care consultant and more.

Our use of integrative medicine is a part of our overall philosophy of health care and wellness.  By collaboratively working with other practitioners in the building we have seen success treating conditions that in the past may have been hard to treat.  To name a few successes, we have seen women have their breech babies turned so they could have a vaginal delivery, we’ve seen women have resolution of pelvic pain that had plagued them for years, and we’ve seen women who have regained control of their lives through diet, exercise, and counseling.