Forms and Handouts

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Post Partum Blood Pressure Monitoring

Medical Release Form

Prenatal Insurance Checklist Tear Pad

EPDS screening form for depression

Flu Vaccine FAQs

Alice Norris Spectra Pump Form

Prenatal Welcome Packet

How to Contact A Nurse

Wellness in Pregnancy

Tobacco and Pregnancy

Marijuana and Pregnancy

Alcohol use in Pregnancy

Genetic Testing Options

Financial Explanation

Childbirth Education Classes

Schedule your mammogram at UVM

Obstetric Handouts

15-18wks: PHQ-2 depression scale

Alpha-Fetoprotein Test (AFP)

24wk Packet: One Hour Glucose Tolerance Test, Pertussis Vaccine in Pregnancy 

34wks: Group B Strep

36wks: Labor guidelines

37wks: Premature Rupture of Membranes

Miscellaneous OB handouts:

Aspirin in Pregnancy

Medications in Pregnancy

Breech options 

Calcium rich foods

Cervical Ripening (Balloon) Patient Instructions

Diclegis instructions

Early labor positioning handout

Magnesium Rich Foods

Monitoring your Blood Pressure at home

Pertussis Vaccine CDC Handout

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) Guidelines

Twins: What to Expect during your pregnancy

Preoperative Showering Instructions

Induction of Labor

Iron Needs for Pregnancy

Resources for Infant Loss

Helpful Supplements in Pregnancy

Protein rich foods

Pre-op instructions for cesarean

So you need an NST: What does that mean?

3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test

Glucose monitoring instructions

Circumcision Payment Information

Rh Negative: Rhogam

Postnatal Pelvic Floor Rehab options


Overview of all birth control choices

Combination Pill

Diaphragm instructions

Mini Pill



Progestin IUDs

IUD instructions

IUD Take Home Sheet

Nuva Ring


Miscarriage/Termination Resources

Choices Surrounding Miscarriage

Medication Management for Miscarriage

Choices Surrounding Termination

Medication Management for Termination

EUE day of instructions

EUE follow- up instructions

Resources for Infant Loss


Miscellaneous GYN

Painful Bladder Syndrome

Methotrexate instructions

Post Colposcopy instructions

Post LEEP instructions

PPD signs