Community Projects

As a responsible local business, Maitri participates in projects and supports foundations for women’s health.

Dragonheart is a Dragon Boat race which raises money for breast cancer survivors. Each year, Maitri sponsors a boat rowed by labor and delivery staff. As we have many friends and relatives with breast cancer, and have lost several dear friends to this disease, we support efforts to help women with breast cancer.

LEED Design: Maitri is proud of our LEED certified building, and our commitment to Green Building and Design. We believe health care providers must provide leadership in environmental issues, to improve the health of our community.

Legislative: Maitri was instrumental in changing a Vermont bill which allowed a midwife, Kristen Werner, to become an equal partner with the physicians in our practice. Prior to passing this bill, a nurse could not become a business partner with a physician in Vermont. We believe the contributions of our nurses and midwives are equal to the contributions of our physicians, and that this should be recognized in our business model.

Other organizations we support:

  • March of Dimes
  • Vermont Refugee Center
  • Vermont Food Bank
  • The Clothes Exchange