New policy changes at Maitri (visitors, necessary appointments, calls from remote Maitri staff)

We are asking for cooperation with the following as we effort to reduce people coming into the office and to keep everyone safe:

-Please refrain from bringing any visitors or family members to your appointments at our office. We will make exemptions for 1 support person for Initial obstetric appointments and 20 week anatomy ultrasound appointments. The family member that would accompany the patient MUST NOT have traveled outside of the US for the previous 2 week period.

-We would appreciate if you would leave your children at home and not bring them into the office.

-We feel it’s in the best interest for our patients to reschedule preventative wellness exams for patients who are 60 years old and above. For patients in that age group experiencing problems, call the Triage line and we’ll determine the course of action and can see you in clinic if necessary.

-If you have traveled within 2 weeks prior to your scheduled appointment, we would recommend rescheduling outside of the 14 day time frame.

-2 week postpartum visits will be canceled, unless you have a medical concern. A member of our medical staff will do a 2 week phone call to check in on your recovery.
-6 week post partum visits will be conducted via phone/video
-For all other appointments, call the office if you would like a phone/video appointment. Not all types of visits will be possible via phone/video, but we’ll offer that option when applicable.
-Some of our staff may be working remotely during this time. Make sure your phone is accepting anonymous or private calls (*87 to accept these calls)

Our call volume has been understandably high during this time. We appreciate your patience while we process and return those calls.